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How To Design A Space With Visio

Microsoft visio
Living Room
Let me begin by telling you a story of my first house. I was excited to have bought my first home, I was a hoarder so I had already accrued quite a lot of stuff including furniture from junk stores and charity shops. Now these pieces had sat quite happily in the 1 bedroom flat I had been renting so it did not occur to me that these items would not fit into my 3 bedroom house. You can tell by now there is a twist in this tale, the fact of the matter is although my flat only had one bedroom it was the ground floor flat in a huge Victorian villa so the room dimensions were immense. My new house was technically bigger but as a 1930s semi the rooms had much smaller dimensions. So moving day arrived and my army of helpers began to unload the van and carry things upstairs, at this point I fast discovered that my method of just deciding that furniture would fit into a room without measuring the room or the furniture was a flawed method. A very flawed method.
Fast forward to my third house, you may assume that my lesson had been learned but no. Moving day again, this time in the rain and the army was only 2 strong, plus me. After a day of battling rain and carrying things that were so heavy I wish I had been an ant I was exhausted and could not wait to collapse onto the sofa that was only a few months old. The sofa had different ideas and instead of being sat on it was wedged on the staircase. It was a laugh or cry situation and I collapsed onto the kitchen floor laughing uncontrollably. Luckily we managed to get the sofa back into the kitchen and some young chap picked up the bargain of  a lifetime on Ebay.
Given my history and my love of collecting thrifted furniture the kind that you have to be prepared to buy when you see it I am determined to plan my spaces effectively.
how to plan space in a room
Master Bedroom
interior design with visio
Dining Room
The drawings in this post were done in a Microsoftt program called Visio. I will cover the pros and cons of using this system. I am in a positive mood so let’s start with the good news.
  • It is a Microsoft product so it is full compatible with Word, PowerPoint and Photoshop. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can save the images as jpegs.
  • You can draw your room and items to scale 
  • You have to work in feet and inches so you may feel that you do not have the same level of accuracy as millimetres or centimetres.
  •  You can only create a birds eye/ top down view so you cannot get a feel for scale and how things will look only if they will fit in the footprint of the room.
  • You need to be creative with how you use the items, for example most of the squares/rectangles in my rooms are tables.

As I said it is very easy to use but here are some tips to get you started.

Now you can plan your home effectively.

    January 6, 2015
    January 10, 2015