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How To Dress When You Have Large Breasts

Brown boots kookai yello top handmade skirt
Let me start by telling you a story of a girl, a flat chested girl. I saw the teenagers around me grow and develop and I looked like a young child. I really wanted breasts, any breasts would have done but…. I have no idea where they came from as the ladies in my family have small to normal sized breasts, and perfectly fine ones at that but I ended up with size 30G, 85G if you are metric. The moral of this tale is be careful what you wish for. The second is be happy with what you have got.
One of the the most important lessons I have learned is being comfortable in your own skin is your most attractive feature. One way to do that is to be aware of your own skin. I have seen fashion trends come and go and lamented the ones that just do not suit my body shape. I have made errors, I have fallen in love with the dress in the shop window and bought it regardless of the fact that I know it will not flatter my shape. I rejoiced when Mad Men hit our TV screens because big boobs were well and truly in vogue and that was reflected in stores. I was crestfallen at the release of The Great Gatsby film as the fashions changed again and the stores were filled with dresses that I would have looked a goon in. If you are one of my non UK readers unfamiliar with north of England slang trust me a goon is not a good thing.
I have learned some life lessons about my shape that I will now share with you.
1. The waist is key. In the photo at the top you can see the yellow top comes in at the waist. However big or small your waist may be let people know it is there.
A beautiful mess first date dress
2. The belt is your friend. I have many a dress and top that have a less than flattering shape when teamed up with a large pair of boobs. Never fear buy a belt and remind everyone about that waist again.
Boden dress and leg warmers
kookai blue top leather jacket and long skirt
3. Some necklines are better than others. I am an experimentalist, I push the envelope and break boundaries, I sometimes wear things that look terrible, things that look okay and things that look a little bit awesome. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the cowl neck and cross wrap are the most flattering for the fuller bust.
Next black chiffon skirt and Modcloth top
3. You can wear floaty layers without looking like you have donned a tent if you embrace your silhouette underneath. In the photograph above a fitted black vest is a contrast to the lacy overlay so the world knows I have a shape. In the image below a fitted sheath underneath a contrasting colour that does not cover everything.
Sexy layers over 30s fashion
4. Know how to break the rules. Big boobs rule of thumb generally means you need to wear a bra and floaty dresses and shapeless tops make you look frumpy. Most rules carry exceptions and these ones are no different. If you wear a baggy top wear something super fitted on the bottom. If you wear a floaty dress make it a short one so that your legs are on show. If you venture out without a bra wear a dress that gives you a bit of support.
Pu Trousers over 30s sexy style
Chiffon dress style tips for large breasts
Polka dot heals and short white dress
Regardless of your size and shape one thing is certain it will change, over time things happen so you will constantly have to rethink how to be comfortable in your skin. Remember self confidence is the sexiest thing you have.