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How To Stay Healthy When You Cannot Be Bothered

Let me start of by saying this is in no way a post about being thin, having a thigh gap, (what the hell kind of crap is a thigh gap anyway), or diets and food fads. This is a post about staying fit, and word to the wise you can be fit and healthy in a variety of body shapes and weights. In fact one of the few reasons I can think of for maintaining my weight is I have a great collection of clothes now and cannot afford to buy new stuff, I digress, lets talk health. 
Aside from the constant media onslaught on what we should not eat and exercise regimes that change your life in 3 minutes two things are at the heart of health. Eat a varied and well balanced diet and exercise, simple right? Wrong, you see I don’t like exercise. That is not true I don’t mind exercising I just get bored doing it. The gym, classes, running all of those things are useful in a bid to stay healthy but they don’t suit me. I often joke that I don’t exercise because I am lazy, this is in reality far from truthful. The truth is it bores me, I can walk for miles if I have a destination in mind, a purpose. So that is what I do I give my exercise with purpose, I will share my tips with you now.
  • WALK – it sounds basic but it is one of the best things you can do and the easiest thing to integrate into your day. Once you start walking places that you would normally bus/car/tram/taxi to you will be surprised how much more you can walk. I also walk the dog. If you don’t have one offer to walk a friend’s dog or join a dog network, there are a bunch where you get to share a dog, trust me it is a real thing, ask Google.
  • TAKE THE STAIRS – Another simple one and as it turns out often faster than the escalator or waiting for the lift. I am quite the beast now and if it is only a couple of flights I can lift the pousette complete with child up the stairs.
  • DANCE – This is something that I used to do all the time and then I had a child and I stopped going out in the night. A lack of childcare does not need to stop me dancing. Turn the music up and prance around your kitchen. It makes cooking and cleaning way more fun and you can be super energetic about it because you are not worrying about what your moves look like to those around you.
  • GARDEN – This is not only good cardio it also tones muscles. If you don’t have a garden that does not matter there are many community gardens who are always on the look out for volunteers. 

    So you see you don’t have to invest in equipment, drink any isotonic drinks or join a gym to be healthy.  


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      June 3, 2016

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