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How to style a messy side bun

I have never suited really precise groomed looks. I think a sleek slicked back style can look amazing on some girls but I am not… you know controlled and groomed. I much prefer a hairstyle that mirrors my often chaotic nature/personality so this ‘up do’ suited me down to the ground and it is really quick and easy to create. Here is how you can style your own messy style bun.

  1. Start by adding some volume to your hair by backcombing it. Don’t be afraid to go too big you can always push it down later.
  2. Gently pull your hair over to one side and twist at the nape of your neck. Push our hair up slightly at towards your head to add a little volume and pin.
  3. Split your side ponytail into 3 sections, (more if you have really thick hair)
  4. Take each section one by one and pin the end of it back on itself at the nape of your neck where you secured your first pin.
  5. Give your style a looser look by pulling some bits of your hair out to frame your face.

Enjoy your look!

Take Care

Nicolette xo