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How To Wear A Sheer Dress – 2 Ways

Have you ever wandered around the shops and seen something that you loved but then wondered how on earth you would work it into your wardrobe? For me that item was the sheer dress. I would see these beautiful dresses floating on the rail, the lovely flowing fabrics with their siren song saying buy me, buy me. Then I would stop and think it is a see through dress and I am not one for slut dressing, I just look a fool if I try to dress in an overtly sexy way, trust me I have tried and failed, so is there a place for it in my wardrobe.
This summer I finally cracked, maybe it was the sleep deprivation that caused me to impulse buy, maybe I could not resist the fact that it was 50% off, the lure of the bargain should never be underestimated, or maybe I just thought the dress is too pretty to ignore.
The way I see it is now you have your sheer dress you can go one of two directions. The first is what I like to call the going for it method. The dress I have is a shapeless dress that I could not wear with my figure unless it was sheer. With large breasts floaty clothes tend to ski jump off you making everything look like maternity wear, and believe me when you get your figure back after having a baby the last thing you want to do is hide it. With a sheer dress you can wear a shapeless dress and you can still see a silhouette of your actual shape. So here is my tip to help you with the going for it method. You in fact only see a silhouette, you show more flesh in the swimming pool and it is an excuse to buy underwear that is not old grey and embarrassing. I do not feel comfortable in regular knickers, not until they invent a pair of pants that does not disappear up your bottom with no notice so I wore some nude coloured french knickers, silky shorts basically, very tasteful. Also as a vegetarian I am so happy that fake biker jackets look good now, all hail the invention of PU.
The second way to wear a sheer dress is the layering option this is best suited to those who are less confident to go for it or have not had a chance to get great undies yet or when it is cold like now in Autumn.
Try to keep your silhouette shape by sticking to one colour and tight clothing. I wore skinny black jeans and a close fitting black vest with spaghetti straps.
Outfit Details

Shoes – Thrifted

  Jeans – French Connection

  Vest – Tesco  Cardigan – UniQlo   Biker Jacket – Etam
November 15, 2014