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How To: Wooden Display Boards

Fashions come and go, that is something we can take that for granted, but classic design never goes out of style. I partake in my fair share of complex crafts but there are times when even the most avid of crafters deserve to be able to add timeless design to their homes without spending endless hours in front of the sewing machine. In fact between renovating my new home, (huge undertaking) and my work for the Festival Of Thrift this year, (another huge undertaking), you are far more likely to find me will a drill in my hands rather than behind a sewing machine.
It is so nice to have small projects like this on the go as well as bricking up doorways and knocking down walls. Making a start on the cute decorative projects that turn a house into a home helps me keep focused through the blood, sweat, toil and saw dust to the day I will put my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea in my finished home.
you will need (per board);

1 large bulldog clip
1/4 inch ply (26cm wide x 42cm long)
Contemporary paper/wallpaper the same size as the board
a glue gun & glue sticks
Spray Mount
Eggshell paint (in a colour of your choice)
Clear Spray Varnish


1.Begin by sealing your ply with watered down pva. This will prevent the eggshell sinking straight into the wood. It also prevents the spray mount from sinking in so that the beautiful paper you have chosen will stay in place.
2.Once the wood is sealed and dry you are ready to paint the back of your board with the eggshell you have selected. Make sure that it is evenly coated. Remember it is better to make multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat.
3.In a well ventilated space or outdoors spray an even coat of spray mount onto the non-painted side of the wood and the back of the paper. Lay the paper onto the board and press out from the centre any air bubbles.
4.Using your glue gun attach the back of your bulldog clip to your board. The glue sets almost instantly so they are ready to use almost immediately.

June 18, 2014
June 23, 2014