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I heart weekends

Who here doesn’t heart weekends, unless of course you have to work! Well even though I have a tonne of writing to do this weekend I am living it up weekend style. After a lavish pancake breakfast I wandered to a corner cafe in Edgar Quintet, Paris, around the corner from my house for drinks. Then I lost myself in the food market. Seeing such a wonderful array of produce in the pretty sunshine inspired many new recipe ideas that I will be developing next week. For today though I limited myself to a kilo of broad beans (fava beans) and some yummy peaches. I am going to make a bean pate recipe this afternoon so keep your eyes peeled for that appearing soon. 
you will need;
200g flour
2 eggs separated 
pinch of salt
220ml milk
100g raspberries
  1. Whisk your eggs into firm peaks and set aside.
  2. Next whisk your flour, salt, egg yolks and milk. 
  3. Gently fold in your egg whites and raspberries. You can try adding different berries or even chocolate chips if raspberries are not your thing.
  4. Put around a tablespoon of the mix per pancake into a hot pan. Make sure that the pan is oiled and wiped you don’t want the pancakes swimming in oil.
  5. To serve simply stack, top with berries and pour on some honey.

Take Care 
Nicolette xo