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I Love Film

Joe and I are currently trying to sell our house and given my messy studio habits working at the moment is very hard. I thought that I would be more contained if I sat on the sofa making secret wedding diy projects. To my delights “Moonstruck” was on the TV, what joy I love this film and how nice to be watching such a romantic movie whilst making things for my own wedding.
For those of you who have not seen this film the story begins in a restaurant. Cher plays a widow nearing 40 being proposed to by her nervous boyfriend. She accepts his proposal and he leaves for Sicily immediately to see his dying mother and leaves her with one instruction, fix the bad blood between him and his little brother, (played by Nicholas Cage), and invite him to the wedding.
The film is filled with beautiful and funny exchanges and conversations that gave this film its Oscar winning status. The family are not convinced about their daughters marriage to Johnny and the matriarch (Rose Castorini), played by the ever fantastic Olympia Dukakis, is not surprised when her daughter Loretta falls for brooding younger brother Ronnie.
There are also sub stories of love and betrayal, Cosmo (Vincent Gardenia) has a mistress and Rose knows this. The aunt and uncle re-kindle their un-bridled passion and Rose meets a professor and discusses the finer points of why men chase women.
There are so many reasons I love this movie. Firstly I love a romance that is not too mushy, I love the fact that the film is dialogue not effect driven and I love the way that the large conversations are reminiscent of mine and Joe’ s family get togethers when there are lots of things being said, you can’t refuse the offer of food and there is a special kind of bluntness that you only find in the outside of Britain, (for us that means Malta and India).

This film has so many amazing qutoes such as the preceeding Ronnie carrying Loretta off to the bedroom.

Ronnie: “A bride without a heart”
Loretta: “A wolf without a foot”

Loretta (Cher) goes to confession after sleeping with Ronnie (Cage).
“Twice I have lied, once I have had impure throughts, once I slept with the brother of my fiance”

Loretta transforms herself, gets her hair dyed and goes to the opera.

May 27, 2011