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In Pictures – Winter Sun

Have I mentioned before how much I miss my dark room, well I do. It is very early days yet, the survey has not come back but I may soon have space for a darkroom again. Archie and the Rug is getting a new home and this one has a garden. In addition to a garden it is filled with projects so there will be lots of design and makeover projects to complete and share with you. I must contain my excitement, don’t count your chickens and all.
As wonderful as my Yorkshire home will be right now I am still in Paris and enjoying the adventure and the winter sun. I was sorting through my photographs, as you can imagine I take quite a few and found these. They were the last ones taken before little Sebastian arrived. Before he came long walks to encourage his arrival were the order of the day, and this was the last one I took before he became part of the world. I love the summer, mainly because I hate the cold but the sun you get on a winters day is magical and this day was filled with winter sun, and the hope and possibility of a new life, a little man waiting to see the world.
Paris is a beautiful city and I am so luck to have this time here even with my bouts of home sickness I recognise that I get to walk around daily in a city where everything is landmark quality, the baguettes are wonderful and cheap and don’t even get me started on the cheese.

February 7, 2014
February 14, 2014