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Is Your Home Christmas Ready? – With Homesense

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As the self declared Mrs. Christmas and interiors obsessive I was over the moon to work with Homesense on this post about getting your home ready for Christmas. Right now the car parks of every DIY superstore is filled with people in a mad rush to give their homes a little revamp before the holiday season. It is a time of year when we are going to fill our homes with friends and family and we want it to look its best. This is a busy time of year and you don’t need to break your back or the bank to get your house ship shape, or should I say Christmas shape.
Sometimes all you need to do is brighten up existing decor as opposed to a completely new scheme, re-painting your walls the same colour as they already are make them feel fresher, covers up any toddler crayon mishaps and frees you up to change the wall decor. 
Setting up vignettes in your home at Christmas is a great way of using any objet d’art that you already own and combining them with your seasonal spoils. You could even treat yourself to a few new ones. 
You don’t have to wait until December before you start making your house ready for the festive season. Now is the time to bring out the blankets, bring in the evergreens, the pine cones and fill your home with stag cushions and tweed. By creating a winter space for Christmas you get to enjoy it for longer and add to it once the 1st of December arrives and the tree goes up.
Look at other spaces in your home and see how you can give them that Christmassy flare. A mantle piece in a bedroom, the chalkboard wall in the kitchen – after all you live in your entire house not just the lounge.
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Why not try grouping ornaments that are too heavy or large for your tree with some extra fairy lights in a window or alcove. You can always use command hooks to adorn your home so that your walls are not ruined.
Homsense is part of the TK Maxx family so you will be able to find new delights each visit. I have put together a few of my favourite items from Homesense to inspire you whilst you decide how to start preparing your home for Christmas this November.
red candle holder // wooden tree ornament // reindeer cushion // black house candle holder 
November 7, 2015