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It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

So far I have eaten lots of satsumas, so many that my hands smell lovely but I do have a slight staining like an old man that has smoked his whole life, that is a downside. I have eaten two mince pies, opened 3 doors on my advent calendar, bought presents, written and made Christmas cards, listened to Bing Crosby, eaten hot chestnuts and made decorations. I am off to buy a real tree this week so it is safe to say I am fully embracing Christmas and all the trappings of. When you craft Christmas does start a little early, when you are me it kicks in around September. I was very happy to become involved with the Ideal Home Show Christmas in November. I shared some photos of the demonstration that Claire and I presented filled with crafty ideas, we even managed a few shameless book plugs, we are those types now. Here as promised are a few general pictures from the event to get you into the spirit if you are not already feeling it.
The event itself is well worth a visit with lots of food stalls, decorations, gift and home ideas. An ice rink and live music. A grand day out indeed for all who went. There will be another Ideal Home Show in the spring and we will be there again, don’t say I didn’t give you advanced warning.
December 1, 2013