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Jars of Light

In the flat there is a small, what can only be described as a cupboard with a window just by the front door. It is the office or at least as soon as I am finished with it it will be. When you work from home it is important to have a space that is delineated from your living space. If it is only a small space or a desk in the corner of the room it is important to make the distinction . For now the humble office has a long table, long enough for 2 chairs, some wall shelves and is also home to shoes and hats. The thing that will make this space nice to work will be in the details. There are so many rustic or industrial lights out there, you know the ones in uber expensive design shops. You can tell when you can’t afford anything in a shop when you walk in and there is barely any stock in fact it is more likely to resemble a loft apartment in New York than a shop. Well I decided to make my own. 
you will need;
3 jam jars 9large enough to take a bulb)
3 LED bulbs
3 metres of cable ( I chose 3 different colours a metre of each, you may need longer or shorter lengths depending on where you choose to hang them)
3 light fittings
a plug
3 switches (optional)
1.  Using the light fitting mark up where you you need to make your hole. To make the hole I placed the lid on top of cardboard and a tea towel. Then with a screw driver I gently worked my way around the marking. You can see what I mean in the image below.
2. Once you have made holes in all of your lids it is time to do the wiring. This will be specific to the type of fitting you bought and plug you are using. Wiring a European plug was new to me. I will advise that if you are not confident with electrics please get someone who is to do this for you. With the light fittings wired up you simply screw them into the holes in your lid, there is a top and a bottom to light fittings the bit with the wire goes on top of course, but you knew that.
3. Wire each of the lights into a plug, I chose to add a switch to each one so they could be turned on and off independently of one another. Again I repeat although this is basic wiring it it still electricity and do not attempt to do it yourself if you are not confident on the subject ask someone else.  Consider this your official Archie and The Rug health and Safety announcement!
A SECOND HEALTH & SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT – I put that bit in capitals so that you can see how important it is. Use an LED light bulb, why? Because if you use a different type of light bulb in a confined space like that it will heat up too much and you could burn yourself on the glass or worse still it could break the glass.

March 4, 2014
March 12, 2014