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Kitchen Inspiration

kitchen renovation project
The kitchen is without a shadow of a doubt the most important room in the house to me. For this reason I am nervous about getting it just right. The current kitchen contains many of the aspects of my ‘dream kitchen’ but there is a lot of work to do. 
First of all let’s cover all of the plus points. The kitchen is filled with light, not only is there the kitchen window that you can see in the picture above but the sliding glazed doors open to the dining room and that has huge bay windows allowing light from both sides. Now those ugly, orangey sliding doors are going to be changed. They will still be glazed and will have an exciting craft diy, that is all I am saying about those right now as I like a good teaser. The kitchen is large and can fit a kitchen table in, I am a huge fan of a breakfast kitchen. It also has a hand built solid wood kitchen fitted and range style cooker.
Now for the drawbacks, whilst the units are great because they are bespoke solid wood cabinets they are dark and dated and I hate the handles. Talking of things I hate I am not keen on the tiles, those on the wall or the floor. Ripping up the floor tiles will be a task and a half, so much harder than removing the wall tiles but it will be worth it. Something that is a double edged sword is the cooker. Great that it is a wonderful range style cooker with oven space up the wazzo! As you may have noticed it is a dark green and that does not in anyway fit into my new colour scheme/design plans. Last but not least the worktop is very dated a marble green colour with a wooden trim.
So I am not a negative person when I see problems I find solutions. First of all here are some of the highlights from my kitchen pinterest board. It will be an arduous task but there is no need to be confined by dark wooden doors where there is sandpaper and paint there is colour and light.
grey and red modern country kitchen
multicoloured tiles brazilian kitchen
I am absolutely in love with the grey kitchen with red highlights and grey is the colour I am leaning towards I just need to find the right shade. My reason for not choosing white is because my kitchen is a working kitchen that is home to a dog and someday soon a toddler and painting my units white would not be a wise choice. I love the vibrant blue and I am in two minds about the wall units. Should they stay and be painted a vibrant colour contrasting the grey base units or should I rip them down completely and have open shelves instead of wall units? Time will help me decide. The other question is should the wall units stay; would blue or red be the colour of choice. If I go for blue there will be three blue rooms and that may be overkill. 
design seeds
One of my favourite ways to waste time is staring at the ever wonderful Design Seeds website where the colour pallet above is taken from. The dark grey and dark red from that image is exactly what I am looking for. The downside is that Design Seeds is just an inspiration site, no paint colours to buy I’m afraid.
As for the worktops, replacing them will be a shame as they are in great condition but bright green.  Over at A Beautiful Mess they coated their counter with concrete and polished it. It looks great but it is just not the look I am sure I want. Covering the counter top got me thinking, how else could I cover the green tops. There are a number of companies that cover counters with quartz giving your worktops a granite feel. These are my two favourite colours if I decide to go down this route.
quartz kitchen top

I was initially worried that grey units and a grey top would not work but in the image below it works really well and my kitchen will be highlighted with red!

Worktops, check, units, check, tiles, replaced. I plan to furthermore brighten up the units by removing the wooden ball handles and adding longer more industrial feel handles such as the ones below.
So I think we can all agree this is a big job, one of many in making this house a home. Please be warned there will be many tutorials and progress reports. In the meantime I will continue with the inspiration posts. I cannot wait to share my first progress update with you. See you again soon.
June 15, 2014