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I am lover of all things camera and my collection is ever growing. I am the proud owner of a Diana and last weekend whilst shoe shopping with my bridesmaids and watching the Great Manchester Run I purchased a cute 4 lens toy camera
I have spent the last few weeks taking some very exciting photos, or at least they may be exciting as they have not yet been developed. Oh the joy of  film I love this the waiting, the mystery, what will they be like! All of this waiting for pictures has made me want my darkroom back again, please please let the house sell soon so that I can get my darkroom back. All of this waiting has inspired me to attempt to make a Lomo-style pic with one of my digital snaps. Here is the result.


Here is how it was done on photoshop:

  1. Go to curves and make a very slight s shape, adjust it until you are happy try not make the image look too dark or altered at this stage there are lots more to come.
  2. Go to Unsharp mask and place the filter over your image to make the lines ultra defined
  3. Make a duplicate layer and fill this layer completely black with the paint bucket tool. Reduce the opacity to around 15-20% depending on how dark the image was to begin with.
  4. Go back to work on your original layer, turn up the brightness to achieve greater contrast.
  5. Still working on the original layer go to the Photo Filter section and play about with colour options, here I used the yellow filter @ 25% with preserved luminosity.
Have fun and please send me any attempts you have at lomo-ing up your digital images and we can have a little gallery!