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Make A Fox Doorstop

fox doorstop
I love to make things for my home and especially like when I create things that have a practical purpose as well as making my home look nice. Our aesthetic surroundings really do help our psyche. I know I am instantly happier when I have given the place a good clean. Having our things around us, the things that are personal to us and reflect our personality is what makes a dwelling a home.
Well I needed a doorstop and thought I should make my own as I found it impossible to find one I really liked to buy.
you will need;
tweed (or other strong fabric)
3 buttons for nose and eyes
bondaweb scraps
handful of pebbles/something to weigh down the doorstop
cushion filling
needle and thread
sewing machine
assortment of fabric scraps for decoration
cheap fabric scraps for pebble pouch
for door stop craft diy
  1. First of all cut out your fabric pieces. Here are the dimensions I used but feel free to adjust the sizes according to your needs. 4 rectangles 10inches x 6 inches and 2 squares 6 x 6 inches, (inclusive of 1/4 inch seam allowance. For the handle 2 strips measuring 3inches x 10inches.
  2. On two of the rectangles I placed my fox face shapes cut from fabric scraps and secured with bondaweb and a hot iron. Once you have ironed the pieces on secure with a row of stitching around the edges of the shapes to make them secure.
  3. Attach 3 buttons as eyes and nose. Sew the 4 rectangles together on the long edges with the right sides together.
  4. Next pin the handle and the top in place as illustrated in the photograph below.
  5. So that the doorstop has some weight to it you will need to make a pouch from fabric scraps  filled with something heavy, I used fish tank pebbles. Place your weight patch in the centre of your cushion filling.
  6. Once the filling is in attach the base in the sae way as you attached the top.
how to make a doorstop
how to make a fox doorstop
make a fabric doorstop
October 5, 2013
October 9, 2013


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    October 8, 2013

    What a great idea! Honestly a fox is not what comes to mind when I think of doorstops. Guess that's why the earth needs more that one brain!