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Make time for others Friends, loved ones and strangers.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I gain so much strength from the love I receive from those around me, I am truly blessed. If you only choose to do one of the 6 in this series of posts choose this one. There is nothing more rewarding than cultivating new friendships, being there for family and friends and helping strangers. 
Yesterday I spoke about feeding the body and today is all about feeding the soul. We all lead busy lives but it is still possible to make a little time to be there for others. Have that phone conversation, help them move furniture, offer to babysit – just be there. I get infinite pleasure when i do a favour for someone. Don’t forget to help those you don’t know. 
Rachel Denbow recently gave us a prime example of charity and care for others, click on her name to read the story. Doing work for charity is so rewarding and can be a grand gesture or buying a sandwich and having a chat with someone who has no home. Trust me you will feel warm all day and it feels better than any paycheck.
I love these people!

June 23, 2011
June 25, 2011