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Make Your Own Thank You Notes & Stationery – Craft

It is no secret that I love vintage and nostalgia. It is also no secret that I have fully embraced the digital age, I have made friends through blogging and social media and am quite the e mailer and tweeter but there is something special about putting pen to paper. My granny was a hoarder, really her house was filled simply filled with everything and anything you could think of. I adored the woman but even I will hold my hands up and say most of it was pointless clutter but among the clutter were some gems that gave me an insight not only to my family but a general window to the past. She showed me notes that my great grandmother had received over the years, calling cards and thank you notes. It was so nice that people would send little thank you notes after having afternoon tea at a persons house. Those lovely little polite gesture have left us but fear not I am going to bring it back.
The only way to be able to send notes to people is to have a stash of notelets in your house. Sending a handmade note will add that extra personal touch.

The two methods I used to create the note cards are a great way to use up all those little bits that are too small for most things but are too pretty to throw away, it should come as no surprise that I am a hoarder.

you will need;

blank cards and envelopes
scraps of thread
scraps of fabric
needle & thread
scraps of paper


  1. Pick out your fabric and paper scraps and play around with different combinations of colours and shapes. This could be a great opportunity to use any old drawings that you are not quite happy with.
  2. Try adding buttons to some designs or wrapping thread around paper.
  3. Stick the designs to the cards.

Now you have a pretty set of note cards so next time you go to your friends house for lunch you can send a thank you note. You could make a second set of cards to gift to a friend.