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Master Bedroom Inspiration

This is it the first of the before images. Let me begin by saying I dislike the term master bedroom on the grounds that it sounds gender specific. Mistress bedroom sounds like a brothel so that is a no go. Main bedroom just sounds a little, well a little meh. Check out the view of the hills from the window, I cannot wait to wake up and look out of those.
I have decided to start with the bedroom for three very sensible reasons. Reason one, it is the room that needs the least amount of work. The previous owners had made a start on renovating and got as far as plastering these walls and the small toilet. I am happy they did not get any further because they pulled the fireplace out of this room! Criminal behaviour in my opinion, but fear not they left it in the outbuilding, this is the only room in the whole house without the fireplace intact which is good news.
Reason two, it will be good to have a safe haven to escape to and Sebastian to play and sleep in. Reason three, I already know how this room should look.
The following 3 images are from Country Living magazine.
country living magazne
Something the last house did not have was light, this house has it in abundance. Due to the fact that the last ‘master’ bedroom was an albeit very large room it only had one small skylight so it was very dark. I want this room to be light and bright. White walls and shades of blue to highlight and add interest.
country living magazine
I plan to make lots of different pillows and have miss-matched but co-ordinated curtains and then make roman blinds to block out the light. Below are some examples of the fabrics I plan to use.
block printed fabric
block printed cotton
indian block printed fabric
In addition to white walls I want to have one bright vibrant blue wall. I have not decided definitely which one that will be yes but I have found a colour I like. I feel that it is important to get the tester pots, you may be tempted to skip this stage and just go for it, not waste the money, but just think how much more you stand to waste if you buy a whole tin and it turns out you don’t like it. My pre-tester pot choice is this.
When it comes to flooring I was in a quandary but I have made my decision there also.
seagrass carpet
sisal carpet
looper wool carpet
With wool as the winner additional texture by using seagrass storage baskets for blankets, slippers and other lovely bedroom bits.
sisal storage baskets
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my inspiration and plans for the bedroom. I have so many more plans ahead. I cannot wait to get started and keep you updated with progress, tips and crafts. The house will be home crafted and diy central.
April 30, 2014
May 3, 2014


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    Hannah Nunn

    May 3, 2014

    Looking forward to the developments!