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Maternity style – 14 weeks

Just reminding you that I am doing my maternity style posts in slight retrospect, hens talking in the past tense about my size and feelings.There is a strange time that lies between 12 and 16 weeks when you don’t look quite pregnant. Don’t get me wrong I had grown out of most of my pretty dresses but my bump could be mistaken for a love of cake and dinner. It is a frustrating time as when I am naked the bump is a definite bump but once in clothes the confusion begins. I was still tender from being sick so I really wanted to wear clothes that were comfortable.

The truth is I found it harder to dress from weeks 5 – 14 because I was so sick, anything touching my tummy felt awful. I was so ill at first I though I had the norovirus and went to the doctor to be tested. I was in fact pregnant. I had never experienced first trimester symptoms in any of my previous pregnancies and the midwife, obstetrician and every pregnancy forum I found said that my being so ill was a good sign. I was pretty text book, as in I had all the lousy symptoms. Exhaustion, bloated, excessive wind, hating the smell of everything, excessive vomiting and constipation. Lovely isn’t it, no wonder babies are cute they have to be to make you forget feeling so bad. I found it so odd that I could the sick this much and the, what is then tiny baby was not adversely affected by the retching. It truly is a wonder. However in a perverse way it was worth it, a comfort almost as it was a good sign that everything would be okay this time.

Needless to say the first day that I felt up to dressing in nice clothes, putting on make up and hitting the park and sunshine I was a very happy lady indeed. I had started to feel a little better and the second trimester was in sight, the light at the end of the tunnel, the promised land.

I could still fit into my long skirt from this previous post as the skirt hung low on my waist so accommodated my bump as the waistband came just under it. I paired the skirt with a loose t shirt. I am still managing to stay free of maternity wear. I hope I can keep it up.
Outfit Details
Cardigan  – Thrift with a new ribbon added
Skirt – Next
Top – The Gap
Shoes – c/o Rock & Candy
Take Care
Nicolette xo

July 12, 2013
July 16, 2013