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Maternity style 16 weeks

So here is a fashion tip that is true for ladies who a pregnant or not. Floaty tops and dresses are not the friend of big breasted ladies. I knew this before I was pregnant, I was a 30G and that has now ballooned to a 32H so believe me when I say I know what I am talking about when it comes to a fuller bust and fashion. I always said that the floaty look on larger breasts made any girl look like they were pregnant as tops did not skim the body in the same way as they did with other figures. Bearing that in mind I had always gone down the more Christina Hendricks, Mad Men route long before the show even existed as fitting things to the curves was the only way to go.
Needless to say when I became pregnant my very fitted wardrobe was very quickly redundant. I had in my head that I could be all Betty Draper about it but pulling off vintage maternity style without breaking the bank and spending every waking hour at the machine making all your own clothes is easier said than done. Despite my fitted clothes rule I do have a few floaty items that I would pull in at the waist. Now pulling things in above the bump is key. In those early days of bump there is always a risk that people may not be sure if you are pregnant or just really full of dinner and cake. Accentuating the bump by belting in above it lets the world know that you are just busy growing a little human. I know what you are thinking where in heck did that bump come from, I know, Although the bump is already coming in at a whopping 39inches my waist has only grown by 1 inch so I can still pull things in.
Unfortunately a belt above the bump cannot disguise the dark circles that needing the toilet all night and not sleeping give you. On the plus side this week I started to feel the baby move, too early for others to feel it and it feels like on odd tickle on the inside. So all in all the tired eyes are a small price to pay for feeling the baby, swings and roundabouts.
Outfit Details
Dress  – Sage & Onion
Sunglasses – Thrifted
Belt – Primark
Necklace  – Etsy Kikiburra Beads
Shoes –  Birkenstocks c/o Office
Take Care
Nicolette xo 

July 16, 2013