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Maternity style – 21 weeks

So I am still a little behind  my actual date because I wanted to wait until at least 19 weeks before I started to post the news. I know that is extra cautious but this has gone wrong so many times before.
The good news is he is in there doing well and NEVER stops moving, hopefully he will get all his awake time over and done with now whilst he is in my tummy. I made a strict request for a quiet sleepy one.
As for pregnancy fashion this is getting harder, the bump is getting bigger and if possible I think my breasts have increased a little also. If I am honest they are more of an issue in finding outfits that the bump. Carrying the extra weight is starting to take its toll on my back. I have only gone and done it I bought an item of maternity wear. I bought shorts, well in fact I bought cheap pants in the sale and chopped the legs off. You can’t see in these photos but I could not even be bothered to hem them. I think it makes me look rustic…if anyone says anything that is the story I am sticking to.
This hot weather is helping me in my pursuit of growing out my fringe as it was impossible for it to look cute in this heat, sweaty fringe with a kink in your hair, never a successful combo. It is still not quite long enough to wear my hair down so it is being pinned back. I will share a hair tutorial for this another day. I keep looking at pictures of me with my fringe and thinking how cute it could look, I have this worry that I will finish the fringe growing process only to miss it and get in chopped back in…..time will tell on that one.
Outfit Details
Dress/Top  – Street Market Find
Belt – Thrifted
Shorts (trousers) – Mothercare
Shoes –  Birkenstock
Sunglasses – Boots

August 20, 2013


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    Hairdressers Sheffield

    August 4, 2014

    Nice outfits dear, you looks so gorgeous and fresh, seems you both are so happy and waiting for upcoming days, and when I am writing this comment he is moving around you , in our world. Let me check .. Best Luck both of you.

    Oh Yes, I just love your hair do's it classy.