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Maternity style 26 weeks

I know what you’re thinking this woman is fit for bursting. You are right but if you think I am big here at 26 weeks you should see me now at 29 weeks, hang you will on the blog in the near future.
I think I am fast approaching the days when maternity wear will have to happen, at least a little. This dress is empire line and has served me well over the summer months. I had to go up 2 dress sizes to accommodate my heavy and ever expanding breasts. I just keep saying to myself this time will pass, it will pass and I will have a baby boy and a waist! I remember my waist, I also vaguely remember being able to lie and sit down comfortably without a precise arrangement of cushions in strange and new places…I will leave that one to your imaginations.
I have learned to work past the guilt of not enjoying pregnancy and am now able to separate this from the love I have for my child I have yet to formally meet. Part of the endurance test is the mental journey as you hop from being super excited to super scared about the prospect of parenthood and have to deal with a body that begins to change daily.

Outfit Details
Dress  –  New Look
Shoes- Kata 
Sunglasses  –  Vintage

October 5, 2013