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Maternity style – 32 weeks

32 weeks and still growing, I know this to be true because I am now 35 weeks and I did in fact grow.  When I say I grew I mean he grew, and grew, and grew a little more! I am still embracing the lycra skirts, I am really enjoying the stretchy fabric. I am also loving the fact that apart from the coat that I found on Ebay I am maternity ware free in this outfit. At this stage of discomfort, constant toilet breaks and exhaustion you have to hold onto the little things that make you feel good about yourself.
 I have found difficulty in some dedicated maternity items as they have allowed for the bump but not the increased breast size and as my back has not grown it has been hard to find tops that fit well apart from super large ones that I have o pull in at the waist. I was delighted to find this blouse in the non maternity section of Matalan, the rap design of it means it fits well and still allows the world to see I do have bumps and curves, granted in different places, but still. Also it is a chiffon so I am not going to stretch it and the easy open wrap front means it can double up as a nursing top and all for £10, thank you Matalan
Outfit Details

Skirt  –  Matalan
Boots – Bertie 
Top –  Matalan
Coat – Ebay (M&S)
Cardigan – H&M
November 14, 2013