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Maternity Style – 33 weeks

The thing about have a slight time delay on my maternity style posts is that as I am now bigger I can look back on those times with a fondness, whereas at the time I was probably complaining.
The weather was lovely though and taking my coat off for some photographs was possible, unlike now, we have hit a real cold spell this week, icy cold!
I love the fact that the closest dog friendly park is Champ de Mars, I am so lucky to be able to walk the dog around the Tour Eiffel it does not seem real to me yet. In fact I hope I never become complacent about that.
Loose clothing and large cardigans are the order of the day, this little baby is having growth spurts all the time so room to grow is a must. I just wish he wasn’t so eager to grow so much, space is limited in there and my organs are getting squished.
Outfit Details

Dress  –  Monoprix
Boots – Bertie 
Cardigan –  H&M
Coat – Ebay (M&S)
Bag – Jo Totes

Headband – Handmade

November 24, 2013
November 26, 2013