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Maternity style 35 weeks

35 weeks, although by the time you read this I am even bigger and just days to go! At this point though I feel if I get any bigger I could quite plausibly explode. My back is now at breaking point and there is little comfort to be found in sitting, lying down or standing. On a more positive note I tried out wearing a dark red lipstick. This is new to me, in part due to my indecisive manner in finding the exact shade I wanted to try and also due to my confidence issues, can I pull it off or not. Well I will let you decide if I managed to succeed in my red lipstick adventures.
I am still enjoying Autumn/Winter walks although they may not be as long as I am used to I find it such a beautiful time of year. I am also trying to try different parks in Paris. This one is on many levels and has some great views over the rooftops. I had such fun taking these photographs as the light was that real magical winter light.
I warn you that the following photos contain images of a very large belly and probably the best hiding in the world ever!
Outfit Details
Skirt  –  Matalan
Boots – Free from a clothes swap
Top –  Matalan
Hat – C&A
Bag – Jo Totes
Coat – M&S via Ebay
Gloves – Handmade

December 7, 2013