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Maternity Style 39 Weeks

Sitting here in the icy cold living room whilst the central heating starts to take effect. A tummy that is hard as a rock and back pain, waiting patiently (not patiently at all), for an imminent arrival I am remembering last week with a certain fondness. Walking around with far more breath than I have today. I am running over the few things, and it is a few things I will miss about being pregnant.
Lets start with this outfit. I will miss these jeans more than I thought imaginable. I have had, and still do have in storage skinny jeans, and whilst they make my bottom look nice they are not as soft and comforting as these maternity skinny jeans. These have been the most comfortable things I own even now with my largest rock hard tum. If I was capable of doing the splits I could in these jeans they are like a much softer second skin and fit better than the maternity tights. This leaves me with the question why aren’t all skinny jeans this soft and comfortable. I say this now in the open on the world wide web to any and all manufacturers. Sort out this problem, I for one do not want to go back to skinny jeans that hurt my crotch and make me strangely contort myself every so often in order to pull hard abrasive fabric from places it should not be. I want the comfort I have been used to with my maternity pair. 
I will miss not having to queue. Here in Paris I have not had to queue from the moment I started to show, toilet queues, supermarkets, taxi ranks, anywhere you can think of to install a queue I was ushered to the front of it. If I explained I was fine to queue that was not accepted I was still ushered to the front. If I had an entourage I would have felt like Elvis in his glory days.
People giving me a seat on the Metro, again this is not something I experienced when I came back to Blighty, twice only in fact. Here People stand for pregnant ladies. I will miss that.
Remember when I said I only had a few things I would miss, I was not exaggerating, that was it, the lot, the only things. And before you all start saying sleep, I have not slept for months so that is just something that I can continue once he arrives. I am looking forward to him arriving. 
Outfit Details
Jeans  –  H & M  
Boots – House of Fraser 
Shirt –  Charity Shop
Scarf – C&A
Cardigan – H & M
Coat – M&S via Ebay
December 12, 2013
December 14, 2013