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Maternity Style 40 Weeks

This is my last maternity outfit post. I am literally ready to pop right now and have been having prodromal labour for the past week, so needless to say I am grumpy, run down, in pain and bored out of my mind with the waiting. These trees are outside the Marie in the 15th arrondissement where I live. The square is looking very festive right now. I am looking very snug in my woolie outfit coupled with genuine Wampa hat which is what you need when you are combating the cold winds of Hoth, (I hope you all get the Star Wars reference there, if not shame on you).
Sebastian should be making an appearance soon and then the journey back to my old wardrobe begins in earnest just as soon as I stylishly (we hope) navigate nursing outfits! It was fun to have Archie join me for this post, he wore cute paws and a red collar –  that dog can pull anything off.
Outfit Details
Dress  –  Verbaudet
Shoes – Tesco
Scarf – C & A
Hat – A Peruvian Market
Socks – Monoprix
Coat – M&S via Ebay
Gloves – Handmade
December 20, 2013
December 21, 2013