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Mint tea & memories of Morocco – recipe

So lets talk about sense memory for a moment. You hear a school bell and you are 6 years old again, you smell sprouts and it is Christmas even if you don’t like the smell of sprouts. For me the smell of mint tea transports me back to the time I lived in Morocco for 3 months. That and the smell of charcoal as everyone slowly cooked their tagines outside.
This is a great drink, if you have it the traditional way it will make your teeth curl, but hey if that is your thing then don’t let me stop you. If you put too many spoons of sugar in your tea a portion of that will just sit at the bottom of the cup as the liquid can only absorb so much. In Morocco they will boil the water with the sugar so that it can absorb more, the same way you make syrup! And it is with that syrup that they brew the tea.

My advice is to use the amount of sugar you will normally have. To make you cup of mint tea the traditional way (apart from the sugar) brew Chamomile tea (I tend to use green tea instead). Refrain from using black tea the flavour of the tea is far too strong and will jar with the mint. Next pack your cup full of mint leaves the fresher the better and pour your tea over them. It will smell and taste fantastic. So much nicer than mint tea bags – (not a fan of those at all). Enjoy your tea!
Take Care
Nicolette xo

January 21, 2013



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    Eugene Roebuck

    February 4, 2013

    Wow! These cups of mint teas look so great and refreshing! I love these! Thanks for sharing!


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    February 16, 2013

    Superb! I like the colours and I agree, the fresher the better!