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More ways with ribbon – diy

Earlier this year I was given some beautiful ribbons by the lovely Jane Means I have had such fun creating lovely craft projects with them. Here is my latest. This is really very simple and can be made with various widths and lengths of ribbon as long as you have enough to fold back on itself at least twice.
To make your own simply take one end of your ribbon and fold it to make a loop, fold the longer end and make a loop on the other side. Take that same end and make a loop longer on the other side. Continue this process until your bow is as large as you want it to be. Once you have finished run a little ribbon over the centre to finish the bow off. Secure with a few small stitches.
I attached my bow to a barrette to wear in my hair. I also made a second bow with a tail that I attached to a brooch back. Winter lasts forever here so I spend so much time in winter coats it is nice to dress them up a little. 

Happy Holidays
Nicolette xo

Ribbons c/o Jane Means

December 22, 2012


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    Jane Means

    December 26, 2012