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My Favourite Camera Apps for Android Phones

This year has been a year for change I got new glasses, I went from these;

To these;

Well the glasses happened around Christmas time so officially last year but within a 12month period so I feel they can still count. You wear glasses? I hear you say well yes I do I am actually quite blind but feel that I look like the nerdy kid in school in my glasses (I was and am the nerdy kid in school btw), so I avoid wearing them in public. I was told off by my optician on my last visit and I now have jump vision as my left and right eye won’t work at the same time so I now have a prism in these new lenses. As I now have to wear them all the time (well almost they still come off for most photos) I though I would invest in better frames. My husband chose these ones as he was playing a game called Bayonetta (although I come off a little more Velma), and he has a bit of a crush on her so I now have the same glasses as a computer heroine – you see my nerdy kid defence is not holding up well.

I also need different glasses for reading, (I did say I was quite blind). Here they are;

Anyway where was I? I got a new phone too. I went from a phone that would stay charged all week,  had no camera and could not receive picture messages, to a Samsung Galaxy. I love the time I can waste ahemm I mean use constructively on this phone and one of my favourite things about life and now my new phone is taking pictures.
It will never replace my camera, any of them but it is a small compact alternative for instant snaps and silly effects. So many people are i phone people and the world of instagram is sweeping the blogging world so I thought I would post about my favourite camera apps for android phones. Well my favourite ones so far.
The first one is Camera Effects here are some of the results from this app;
the image above was left without a filter and using the Vignette option on borders.

What I like about this app is that you can take an image and then try out the different effects and borders after. The image above I added white borders and used the cross processing filter.

When Archie and I were out on a walk we saw an amazing vintage car so I snapped it using the magic filter. I think this filter is currently my favourite on the “camera effects” app.

This was the frog spawn from Joe’s parents garden (I love new life and spring). I used the auto contrast filter here. This app has a variety of borders and filters I am excited to try the ‘lomo’ ‘holga’ ‘old mono’ and ‘magazine filters’
My other favourite camera app is Photo Booth. Here are some of the results from that;

This is pretty self explanatory it takes 4 shots just like a photo booth you can then make them black and white, sepia or a different coloured filter on each so you have a strange Andy Warhol effect (I’m not keen on that one). It also gives you the option of flash, no flash and fill in flash. This is a fun app and I can’t wait to take snaps of Joe and I and pretend we’re in a booth on a pier somewhere – yes I am that soppy.

Last but not least the “Fx Camera” I was madde aware of this app a year ago via my friend who you can find on twitter under @PaulTOwen he co wrote a book on The Wire so any fans out there should check out his tweets. Well he told me that this camera app can make anything pretty and he is right. You can use this to take photos using a variety of filters my favourites (and the only ones I use) are the ‘toy cam’, ‘polandroid’ and ‘fisheye’ options. The only disadvantage of this app is you have select the ‘camera’ of choice before shooting so you don’t get to play afterwards but that is fine with me.

Here are example of the FxCamera app;

the polandroid
the toy camera
I hope you enjoy finding fun camera apps, did I mention all of the ones I mentioned are free! If you have found any good ones comment below but for now happy snapping Love Nicolette xo

March 17, 2012



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    Katherine McAdoo

    March 22, 2012

    it's great to see someone else with an android! i can't wait until instagram comes out – i love pixlr-matic and retro camera the most.

    also YAY fullmetal alchemist! one of my favorites

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    June 5, 2012

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