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My Guide To Easy Care Houseplants

easy care houseplants
One of the best ways to soften a bland rented home is to add houseplants. They keep the air healthy, they combat the dry air of centrally heated homes and lift our mood. They are all kinds of awesome so it is no wonder that we are running out and buying houseplants in our droves. In most cases a houseplant leaving a shop is less like an adoption and more like a death sentence. I have killed so many houseplants in my time I can now safely say I know what the easy ones are. Nothing is indestructible but the following 7 plants have survived my ‘care’ so you can probably keep them alive.
Some general advice first, as tempting as prices can be to buy a houseplant from a dark windowless supermarket or Ikea those plants have had a bad start in life so unless you have green fingers leave them for the experts. My second piece of advice is barely water your plant in winter. 
easy care houseplants
1. Trailing Hearts
This plant was such a happy accident I bought it on a whim because I needed change for parking and it just lived, and grew and kept living! Win win! The stems that are resting on the soil will root in so the plant will bush out a little as well as grown in length, and boy does it grow in length. Buy cheap and buy small in a year it WILL be much bigger. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings. I can stand you going on holiday for 2 weeks if you water it before you go.  Plus how cute are the little leaves.
easy care houseplants
2. Mind Your Own Business
So I may be pushing 40 but I still like a silly plant name. I first bought this because I thought it would be amusing to say mind your own business when people asked what it was called, and it was funny. In fact Selina Lake recently asked a question about favourite houseplants on Facebook and I said mind your own business and that was funny too, I really need to think about growing up. As it turns out it is not just a silly name it is a plant that can survive my home. I never water mine I just spray the leaves with water. It is great in a bathroom as it like humidity. It will tolerate a shady, (not dark) room also so there is another bonus. Plus think of the fun you can have with the name, have I pushed the name enough?
easy care houseplants
3. Rubber Tree
Okay sometimes size matters, yes, yes it does, and something big in the corner is impressive, I am in an infantile mood today clearly. The clue is in the name, tree, it can get big, over 6 foot big even in a pot. It has deep green shiny leaves which I think look very designery. It works well in a bright or brightish room. You can go to a festival without watering it and it will be fine. The cat you are watching for a friend can pee in it at least once and it will be fine. I know these things because of the super scientific testing I carried out. Joking aside you should let the soil dry out in between waterings.
easy care houseplants
4. Mother In Law’s Tongue
Yes we are back to buying plants because they have mildly amusing names but my comedy stylings have been a winning formula, at least in a horticultural sense. I won’t bore you with why it is funny I will just wow you with the stats. It will grown in a dark room, not utter darkness because it is not a mushroom, be realistic people, it will grow in most lights really. The real winner it likes to have soil on the dry side so a big thumbs up for lazy waterers, you know who you are.
easy care houseplants
5. Yucca
In terms of comedy this plant disappointed me I really thought I would get more legs out of it being similar to the word yuk, maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. In terms of being a hardy plant it succeeded, hurrah! It likes indirect sunlight, it is slow growing so you don’t have to let it get super big, this plant can also be something large and impressive in the corner. It does like a warm room so not a bathroom or kitchen as they can get cold, a bedroom or lounge works well. Apart from that nothing really, it is easy.
easy care houseplants
6. Cheese Plant
This may be the toughest plant ever because this did not survive me but my mother. My mother has a number of talents, not killing houseplants is not one of them. That being said she had two houseplants from when I was 4 until I was 20 when she got bored of moving them to new houses and chucked them. Having lived with my mum they can withstand anything you have to throw at it I am sure. Plus they have that classic houseplant leaf shape. Go on I challenge you to kill the cheese plant!
easy care houseplants
7. Birds Nest Fern
Life isn’t always sunshine and roses here in blogger land and it was not always blogger land. Back in the day, before I even had an email address or mobile phone, (because only drug dealers and merchant bankers did), I lived in some grim places. Stdio flats and rented rooms with mould and very very little light. One, and I laughingly use the word flat, I lived in had this plant in. It was the nicest thing there. It lived, I took it with me to the next few awful places that I called home, then just before I went to my first grown up home, (nice place to live in), I left the plant in the corner. It was still alive and I thought it could brighten the day of the next renter just like it brightened my day.  It will tolerate low light, poor hygiene, noisy neighbours and being drunkenly knocked over once or twice.
I hope you have enjoyed my guide and are now ready to welcome green into your home. If you know of any other easy plants comment below. 

January 25, 2016
January 30, 2016