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My Mummy Jar

As you can read in my post It’s Only Natural there was a lot of sadness on the road to getting my wonderful baby. After eight months of working every hour that he is asleep I am tired, really tired. The truth is there is nothing I would not endure to have this crazy little dude in my life. That is why when I feel a desire to sit down and read for half an hour or take a bubble bath I feel guilty, full on, defcon one mummy guilt. The truth of it is I am a walking talking contradiction because when I go for a quick shower I miss him, but I do recognise the importance to my well being to have 30 minutes a day to myself. There is no way with my current living situation that can happen right now so I have employed a mummy jar. In this jar is a list of things I would like to do for me. Not ironing, or cooking all day to fill the freezer with home cooking, not work, or cleaning just me time.

In a bid to keep this blog honest I need to admit something this jar should have been implemented years before Sebastian ever came into existence. Ever since university I was so obsessed with doing well it would be hard to have any time to just chill out, between that and cleaning a house filled with five smelly male students and me there just was not time for me. When I first started the blog I was working full time, fighting breast cancer and planning my wedding. In a way becoming a mummy has forced me to slow down and say no to projects. Before Sebastian the overriding voice in my head was telling me just be the best you can be and then figure out a way to improve on that. Now the loudest voice in my head is saying HE COMES FIRST. The benefit of this is that I know for me to be the best mummy I can be I need to slow down and be calm and healthy. I don’t want to be the mummy that is stressed out and takes it out on her kids. I still work hard and I still have ambition but I am approaching the whole thing with a different mindset.

I strongly advise everyone has a mummy jar, regardless of their gender or if they are parent. When you really need to cash in one of you chips. and treat yourself to one of the things you have placed in the jar. Don’t become lazy and self indulgent, then they wouldn’t be treats anymore but do use it. Above is a list of some of the things that are currently in my jar. Now all I have to do is learn to fight the guilt, baby steps Nicolette, baby steps. Anyway at least for now I am enjoying putting things into the jar in the hope that one day I may take them out, I am having too much fun with the little guy.

October 11, 2014