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My new fringe & other stories

New outlook of life new hair cut! They say the fringe maketh’ the woman, okay perhaps they don’t say that at all but maybe they should. I have recently been in a bit of a slump, unable to focus on one thing at a time, feeling overwhelmed and getting the thirty something blues! The thirty something blues go a little something like this; I should be more successful by no, I should have less money worries, I should have a gaggle of pretty and impeccably behaved children, (perhaps not quite a gaggle), why is everyone in their twenties better than me and when on earth will I be a grown up????? 

You can see why it was vital for me to snap out of that silly thought pattern get a new hair cut and be happy with myself once more, so I did. I braved the hairdressers chair and had my hair lopped. I also treated myself to a day in the junk shops of Yorkshire and found some very wonderful cameras and an old gladstone bag to go with my newly self appointed title of Dr. Nic. Dr. Joe is very certain that I can’t take his title only his surname but it does not stop me. I felt much better after playing with my new junk shop haul.

An old german 35mm camera with set focusing and
various Fstops but not an SLR. Called a Vitoret F
I am excited to see wha images I can get from this

My mini Gladstone

The super 8 camera
A good old Kodak instamatic 126
June 2, 2011