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My Office Inspiration

a beautiful mess office
Everything fell into place finding this house I mean everything. There was so much more space than was shown on the online spec, for example the dressing room space, there is additional secret room in there too, more on that another day. It was not just the space that was ideal but everywhere was fit for purpose and suited my family. For example the huge window in the roof that floods my office with light, exactly what was desired and required. Luckily what looked like damp in the corner turned out to be dirt, that was a relief and a saving!

home renovation
The space has to be multi-purpose, although I will create things for the blog, style photos and obviously cook in other areas of the home this will be the central hub of Archie & The Rug. I will need to be able to write, take meetings, craft, store equipment and plan new adventures in this space. It is a fun space to work with due to the roof slant and the fireplace but that also makes furniture a problem too. Did I say problem I meant to say challenge.
I want to keep the multiple power sockets but have a plan in mind to give them more of an industrial feel. I want to keep the room light even though it will be filled with stuff, so, after some extensive searching I have settled on a high gloss laminate floor. I think it will work in the space and give it a contemporary and professional work feel, this is important when your work space is in your home.

high gloss white laminate
I want to inject most of the colour into this room through the furniture and accessories, however I am not convinced that I want to leave the walls blank. I am busy looking into hand painted walls, in fact I have started a new pinterest board all about it. I am looking to keep it subtle and will most probably be drawing on the walls with a sharpie, exciting times ahead. I love the colourful desk that Elsie has in her new office space, a great way to inject some colour.

I have plans for Archie & The Rug that go beyond blogging so I need the space to be adaptable. I have not seen a picture that I can point at and say yes this is what I want, this makes me happy as it means I can draw on a number of influences and create a unique and bespoke space to meet my needs and those of my business. Below are a few more examples of colour pops in a plain workspace that I find inspiring.

creative studio spaces
interior design gold wall

For any space that has a number of intended uses I think that it is vital that furniture, as much as it can be, should be duel purpose or at the very least moveable/fold-able.

ikea trolley

I cannot wait to get started on this room, that is true of most of the rooms if I am honest. Now that the window has been replaced with one that does not leak I can perform all of the jobs myself so I am not held back by saving up for builders. Expect to see a post about how to fit a floor yourself, I may even be dressed in a boiler suit for that one.

December 6, 2014
December 13, 2014