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Nasi Campur – opor udang

Here we are with the penultimate recipe opor udang. Opor meaning curry and udang meaning prawns – can you guess what the main ingredient is?
This one in very simple in fact once the base paste is made they are all kind of quick. I like to make those meals where you have done all the prep work first so when guests arrive you can float around the kitchen looking cute and calm like a TV chef.
you will need;

180g fresh prawns
1tbsp base gede (link to this recipe here)
2 cups of coconut milk

  1. Flash fry the prawns in a hot pan moving continuously until they turn pink.
  2. Add the paste and stir through
  3. Reduce the heat, add the coconut milk.
  4. Cook on a low heat until the coconut milk is heated through and the paste is mixed into it.
  5. Serve.
See how simple you could float around in a frock impressing people serving great food with little effort. 
February 16, 2012
February 19, 2012