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National Vegetarian Week 2011

image courtesy of The Vegetarian Society
Monday is the start of National Vegetarian Week and on the May 21st the Vegetarian Society held a launch event in the heart of Manchester. As part of the event they organised various information stands that looked at the facts of vegetarianism from a health and environmental standpoint. There were also free sample of food products and live cooking demonstrations.

In terms of vegetarianism  am a lifer however Joe is not but he still enjoyed the day. So vege or not there are lots of yummy meat free meals you can eat, and cutting down your meat consumption has health benefits and can save money! Look at it this way, we often will sit and say lets have a Mexican, or a Chinese or Italian tonight. Why not have a vegetarian one night.

In the spirit of National Vegetarian week I will be sharing meat free recipes with you all this week.

a cooking demo, making a big bad boy salad
Giant Chefs

A momo is a tibetan steamed dumpling containing spinach cheese and spice.
May 21, 2011
May 23, 2011