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New Year. New Goals!

Well it is here…almost. What is here right now is the time to start making goals and plans. I myself am chomping at the bit to start the new year, seriously I have a list as long as my arm of things to do. I have some very personal goals and desires that I want in 2013 but what I am sharing here today is a carefully considered achievable list. It has been said that the third week of January is the most depressing as it is when most people begin to renege on their resolutions. I am all about wellbeing and I think it is important to challenge yourself and have goals, they are the things that drive us forward. Having said that it is vital for our well being to have a sense of achievement therefore choose your goals wisely.
An example of a goal that I had for 2012 that left me feeling low when it did not happen was move house. This is all well and good but I need to sell my current home first and for that to happen I am waiting on so many other factors that are out of my control, the economy to pick up for one! So here is my advice for setting your goals. Choose things that you are in complete control of, unlike me and my move house scenario. Choose things that will make you happy. This can apply to giving things up as well as doing something new. If you plan to quit drinking or smoking for example you have to do it because it will make you happy. I have seen many of my friends fail when their sole reason for stopping smoking is because a partner asked them to. Make them achievable. This does not mean don’t challenge yourself. What it does mean don’t set yourself impossible challenges.
All this being said I do have some goals for the coming year that do rely upon others to a lesser or greater extent but those are counterbalanced by the ones I will share with you now. 6 goals for the 6 days of the week, even God rested on the 7th day so I in turn have been creative with my numbers. Take the challenge and set yourself 6 achievable and enjoyable goals. I would love you to link to them here and let me know what they are. I really enjoy getting your emails.
My 6 Goals;
  1. Take more photographs. Is this possible. YES! Yes it is. I really want to take more photographs of the little details of life the things that we often forget to notice and record. I also want to use all of my cameras more. Yes I love my DSLR but I also love the Diana, my pinhole cameras, the old SLR, the polaroid, the list could go on but you get the picture right. Did you get my little joke? Get the picture and I am talking about photos. Okay I know it was awful, perhaps I should make less dad jokes in 2013. Unfortunately for you that is not one of my goals – sorry.
  2. Learn more French. Spending Christmas in Paris has really made me aware that there is a world of difference between holding your own in a shop or restaurant and having a full friendly conversation with someone. A world of difference. Even watching a film in French does not prepare you for conversation. Yes I might sit and understand the film but translating at speed in my head enough for a conversation when every time they answer it will be a surprise as to what they say and how they will say it and formulating my own answers in French. That I cannot do but really want to.
  3. Learn vintage hairstyles. This is really a 2 part challenge because I want to learn how to do them and also how to re-create them on my own head. Now some people (not me) are really good at doing their own hair. I can do wonders on others and then just can’t make the same things happen on my own head. Trust me I have curling irons that I can use on others and can only use to make mess on my own head. It will be fun to learn though.
  4. Sew from a pattern. Yes I can sew. I am actually quite good at it. I would not say an expert. I am pretty stingy when it come to referring to people as experts and I employ the same stingy attitude with myself, it seems only fair. I made some rather lovely bridesmaids dresses not too long ago. For those I used a techniques called draping on the cloth. This essentially means creating the garment in 3d straight off on a tailors dummy. Following a 2d pattern to make a 3d item bamboozles me. This is sad as I have a really great selection of vintage patterns. 2013 is the year I take control and own patterns, you hear me patterns prepare to be made.
  5. Start a cocktail feature on my blog. This year a very exciting thing happened I have a liquor cabinet. I now feel like a proper grown up. I like the idea of someone coming to my home and me saying, “Would you like a drink” and then being able to create an actual drink like in an 1940s film or the Gilmore Girls. So cocktails that is going to be my thing in 2013. 
  6. Learn to rest. This is a hard thing for anyone to do who is self-employed because their is always something that could be getting done. I could sit and relax and watch this film. Instead I sit watch the film whilst editing photos/knitting/sewing/writing a new recipe. Not as relaxing then is it. I need to learn to sleep more but insomnia is something that is out of my hands and remember the rules. Only things that I can control. Rest is something I can do. 2013 I will rest more. She says this whilst creating a really big to do list!  
Remember how satisfying it is to achieve a goal and draw up your own list and let me know what you are up to in 2013. I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you all have the celebrations you desire.
Take Care
Nicolette xo
December 29, 2012
December 31, 2012