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Nursing Style

My blog is many things and sharing my somewhat less than conventional ideas of fashion is one part of that. When I decided to share my maternity style posts I was not prepared for the huge response they would get, I was blown away by the figures. It was important to me to look and therefor feel good during pregnancy. When I was pregnant my breasts were more of a problem to accommodate than my bump, as a nursing mother this is still the case.
When you have a baby you will be bombarded by eager visitors and this is hard because when you are exhausted and feeling at your lowest ebb in terms of body image you are surrounded by pretty thin visitors. Everyone looks perfect and you are an exhausted frump! Feeling like this when you are so hormonally unstable is not healthy. I was bursting into tears every two to three minutes, I cried because I loved my baby so much, I cried because I put salt in my tea by mistake, I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was tired. At times like this you deserve to feel good about yourself and those people who tell you don’t bother you are a new mum have a point. Many days I was wandering around the house in varying degrees of pjs. I would get out of bed in the morning, change out of pjs and into a pair of Joe’s pjs. Delivery men see me in some rather unkempt states! That being said there are times when you want to look in the mirror and not frighten yourself. For those days here are my tips on nursing style.

  1. You may want to start visiting items from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Yes you will still be a different shape but you will be surprised at what fits now, and it will change weekly as your weight and shape reduces and changes.
  2. Buttons are key. Go through your wardrobe and see what button up dresses and tops you have that fit. Make sure they still fit now your milk is in as buttons that are pulling open are distinctly unattractive. With buttons you can easily open them to feed your baby.
  3. Dresses can work. I discovered that in addition to dresses with buttons are not the only option here. Dresses that tie at the top work also, to feed your baby undo one side and pull it down to feed your baby. I also have another type of dress that works, jersey top. My beautiful Call Me Betty dress that I wore on Suprscrimpers works to nurse in, I can simple pull the jersey top to the side to allow Sebastian to feed.
  4. Separates. This is the simplest way to go and allows you to cater for an ever changing figure, especially in the first few weeks. As long as you can lift up your top you can feed your baby. Anything from a gypsy blouse to a pussy bow shirt.
  5. Fit and Flare. Even when your tummy goes back to normal it takes a bit longer to tone it and this can make you feel self conscious. Fit and flare is the way to go. You can see me rocking the fit and flare look with the orange top and polka dot dresses. As you are no longer pregnant you won’t feel as great about wearing you bump with pride. In fact the photographs in the brown polka dot dress were taken by the talented Noel Deasington just 7 weeks after the birth so you can see how great the fit and flare look is for hiding a multitude of nonsense.
  6. Think about fabric. Fabric that crushes really easily, stains and is either hand wash or dry clean only should be avoided. You are a new mummy and you are far to busy to deal with any of those situations.
  7. Breast pads and spare breast pads. Washable or disposable breast pads, the choice is yours but don’t forget them as sitting in a cafe looking great showing off your new baby is spoiled when you leak onto your outfit. I have a strong let down and all the link in the world so I carry spares when I leave the house. Also I have tried quite a few as the shape is important as depending on what you are wearing that shape will show through. Some are not great at absorbing the milk and create a lumpy shape, again not attractive and can rob you of rocking your yummy mummy mojo.

Those were my tips that I use when I want to scrub up and meet the public. If you have any of your own please feel free to share them in the comment box below. 

May 16, 2014


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    Catherine Summers

    May 22, 2014

    Not being a mum myself I can't comment on nursing style, but I can say that when we met you at the station in Paris you sashayed over to us and blew me away with how utterly stylish you were, Nicolette!!! You seemed so very French and chic in your raincoat and low heels, plus I loved your hair in that updo. Seems to me you got the nursing style down to a fine art – plus I remember the last picture in this post being taken – such a gorgeous dress!

    You'd never know you were having all-day-PJ days, and believe me I have plenty of those…!!!

    Hope you're well sweetie :))

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb