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Organising A Craft Space

craft room design

I am such a hoarder of books and vintage things, when it come to art materials I am no different. I am constantly trying to find new storage solutions. Joe and I are hopefully moving soon but I don’t want to jinx anything so I will not talk about it further. In either case new studio or re-vamped studio new storage solutions will need to be found. 

Here are some storage ideas that I found inspiring;
heals cd storage
This is a product from Heals, it is in fact CD storage but I would love to fill the gaps with ball of colourful wool or threads.
jam jar button storage
Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping
I love the glued lids keeping the button jar in place. I have lots of these jars and this would be a great way of utilizing every available part of a shelf.

make your own craft cupboard
Finding all of this in a wardrobe would be almost as exciting as finding Narnia for me!

vintage kitchen tins
Image courtesy of Cottage Home Decorating
Why leave all of your vintage finds in the kitchen this idea would work just as well in a craft room.
ikea filing drawers
Image courtesy of Craftzine Blog
Yes I know that last image may not have been as unusual as the others but practicality also has to play an important roll in organising your space and after all it is slimline and unobtrusive. I hope that you find some of these pics an inspiration  for your space and I will keep you posted on mine as and when developments occur.

May 20, 2011
May 21, 2011