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Our Anniversary

I decided to make a book full of love notes, special messages and lists to give to Joe on our anniversary.
Today is our anniversary! Obviously not our wedding anniversary but the anniversary of when we became Nic and Joe! I thought that this would be the perfect time to tell you how we met. 

I was invited to a party by a friend, who was invited by his friend. This party turned out to be the joint birthday party of Lucy and her sister – Lucy ended up as one of my closest friends and my maid of honour. At this party I also met Des who married Joe and I, this was quite the party for meeting great people. That same day Joe arrived in Manchester to start his PhD. He had been in Manchester for a few hours when he received a phone call inviting him to the same party. So we met and spent the whole evening chatting, he told me big fibs like he could swing dance and would take me dancing. We became really good friends. I was not looking for anything more than friendship but time past and things developed. The rest they say is history. We met in 2005 so I made a little emblem to go into the book.

The book is full of little envelopes with notes and pictures inside.

The book contained two envelopes one with my vow from the wedding day, you can see those from my previous diy post here.
This envelope contained Joes vow to me.  Here is book all wrapped up. Handmade journals make beautiful personal gifts and with the holiday season coming up they make great addition to your loved ones stocking! Share a link below to any journal you have made!


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    November 28, 2011

    This is fantastic. It's so cute and lovely.