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Out On A School Night

A Wednesday night and work in the morning did not stop me or any of the others who ventured out to SoundControl to see Aloe Blacc play live.

In my opinion it is hard to find a truly wonderful old school soul band these days but here one is. After the release of his second album Good Things hit the international realm he is pretty hard to ignore.

It is not often that you go and see and artist and leave more than happy that he sounded different from the tracks you have already heard. Why would you listening to those tracks inspired you to buy the ticket in the first place. Aloe Blacc delivered a truly magical night only aided by the intimacy that a small venue brings. My friend and I listed to unique arrangements, everything from Micheal Jackson to Green Day songs, executed in way that only talented musicians can. Even when performing their own songs Mr. Blacc and his band gave you so much more than the CD.

The whole evening left me feeling like I had been transported back in time to a Harlem past to listen to great soul and jazz piano. When I left Sound Control I felt a strange mixture of sadness and elation. Sadness that I couldn’t go home, pop on the CD and the kettle and hear it all again. And elation that I was there to hear an original and talented set of musicians. A message for all bands and singers out there, if we come and see you give us something special, something the guys who stayed at home won’t get.

November 18, 2010