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Paris Blue & Tour Eiffel – What I Wore

Paris Fashion
So you know when you are living in Paris and you have the opportunity to be pictured with loads of famous monuments but all of your outfit posts are in lovely but nondescript areas of the city? I do. I also know that the day I say right I am putting on make up, doing my hair and standing in front of the Eiffel Tower there are large plywood sidings up all over the place, the light is all wrong and well it is really crowded but the decision was made and there are not many days I do my hair so there we have it. So off I went with child, tripod and camera remote, “let’s do this thing”!
Fashion in Paris is classic and I love the new colours that come in each season but it is impossible to live through a summer without a line of what I lovingly refer to as Paris blue. It is a rich and vibrant blue that I now find synonymous with this beautiful city and I was determined to find the right piece of Paris blue for my wardrobe. 
Paris Fashion www.archieandtherug.com
Paris Fashion www.archieandtherug.com
This is so easy to wear and I have worn it at right fancy occasions like a wedding and playing in a sandpit, yes that is how I roll but it is honestly one of those jumpsuits.
Paris Fashion www.archieandtherug.com
I am not against heels but with long an flowing it is flats all the way. The next photo is not a great photo, I am even squinting into the sun, but I had to share it as I rarely find a true profile shot that does not make me feel sad. I have a huge chin akin to that of former sports presenter Jimmy Hill, (to those of you overseas and younger than I he had a really big chin.) Well I saw this snap and thought it does not look too bad here, not bad at all.
Paris Fashion www.archieandtherug.com
And for good measure Sebastian is working on his Blue Steel. (Note to self I need some more up to date pop culture references).
Paris Fashion www.archieandtherug.com
I Wore – Sandals Monoprix // Jumpsuit & Necklace Zara



  1. Reply

    Penny Pring

    April 29, 2016

    Blue Steel will never go out of fashion!

  2. Reply

    Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves

    May 1, 2016

    good to know x