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Perfect Tennessee Dress – Modcloth

I am a Modcloth addict I can spend hours looking at their clothes and home products and love the Be The Buyer programme that they have where you get to vote on which samples go into production. It turns out I have a good eye as most of my choices go into production, I wonder if I can put that on my CV and score a fancy fashion buyers job? Perhaps not. I have been plagued by awful rainy weather the last few weeks which is not conducive to going outside and taking outfit posts so I decided to do these in my studio, you know where I sew and blog and stuff! The photo at the top of this post was a little mishap because not only can you see the remote for my camera but I sneezed right when the photo was snapped – but I thought it was a fun pic anyway. 
This Perfect Tennessee Dress from Modcloth is so easy to wear and such a pretty day dress I would feel great going out on a date in it. It is a an easy to iron cotton. The fact that it is 100% cotton means it can go into the washing machine and it breathes so is perfect on a sunny day – you hear that sunshine I am ready for you!  This dress also has pretty detail on the back and comes with a very cute woven belt.
Outfit Details
Dress – Modcloth
Belt – Included with dress
Cardigan – Tesco
Take Care 
Nicolette xo


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    April 23, 2012

    OH MAN, this dress makes me want to go on a picnic right now. 🙂