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Photo Gift Tags

Nine years ago I made friends with this young chap in the science department. Time marched on and this once young twenty something reached the downward spiral just like the rest of us…he turned 30! In truth I was quite happy when I hit my thirties you see I have always had an air of ‘knowing best’ some say smug superiority, and those people have a point. My mid thirties are a much easier age to carry out my smug nuggets of advice. I digress, to celebrate this landmark birthday I decided that Joe should get thirty small gifts, one for each year of his life. 
To make them more personal I made photo gift tags, each with a number on the back from, you guessed it, from 1 – 30. I took fifteen months choosing my printer, not as long as I took choosing the DSLR but close. I took longer choosing my printer than the collective time I spent choosing the four houses I have bought over the years. Was it worth it? Hell yeas, I love my printer. I bought the Canon MG6450, it was a great price and the the quality is superb.
I chose 30 images and made them all black and white. I printed them nine to a sheet on matt photo quality paper.
Using a craft knife, cutting mat and ruler I made the individual tags. With a hole punch I put one central hole in and once they were numbered they were ready to go.
August 3, 2014
August 7, 2014


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    August 5, 2014

    What a great idea – I will definitely be making some of these.