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Photo Wall diy

After years of owning my own home it has been a real struggle to not have free reign over the rental property in Paris. All my décor ideas are bubbling away, needless to say pinterest boards and scrapbooks are filling up for when I return to the UK next year. In the meantime I am becoming the queen of making a rental space your own such as the driftwood window dressing I created earlier this year and I have many more planned to share with you also. But for now I will leave you with this one.
Nothing makes a space personal faster and more effectively than sharing your photos, after all they are your personal images, the record of your life. I found a great company call Printklub and linked my instagram account with them. I went for their polabox classic option, 30 prints 16.95€.
It was really good fun to pick out the photos and I was really happy when they arrived. Holding real life photos again instead of just having them trapped in my phone.
I decided how large an area I wanted to fill and then all I had to do was place them on the wall with regular gaps measured up. I used washi tape which would not damage the photos or the walls making the display ideal for a rental property. Blu tack will leave greasy marks on the walls and often leak onto the photos also. I love that washi tape is in my life now.
You could make a super large display and fill an entire wall. They make a great focus for the room and a nice talking point when people come to visit and ask about where they were taken, plus they are my memories so I love them.



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    November 23, 2013


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    Antoine LC

    November 23, 2013

    Thx for this great article 😉

    See you

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    Polypropylene rugs

    November 24, 2013

    Beautiful photo wall ,great article