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Pink Grapefruit & Sea Salt Facial Scrub

So I am outdoors a lot right now to make the most of the lovely weather and to fuel my little boys obsession with play parks and given that Paris has a play park every 10 yards or so we are spoiled for choice. The problem with being out and about in the city is that you do feel a little mucky, even in a clean city there are exhaust fumes to contend with. Even many of the natural scrubs that are on the market contain parabens and the super posh ones are super expensive. And there is always my old adage of if you can make it yourself, make it yourself because it is satisfying. This scrub is light and can be used on the face or the body.
you will need;
1 cup course sea salt
1/2 cup fine sea salt
6tsp vodka
1tsp coconut oil 
and pink grapefruit juice (enough to form a paste)

  1. This is pretty simple but let’s go through the motions anyway. Mix the 2 salts together in a bowl, add the vodka and cocnut oil and stir well. 
  2. When fully combined add some freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice just enough so that the mixture becomes a paste. 
  3. Store in clean airtight jars.

This should keep for a month.

If you use this on your face in the evening you can skip your moisturiser.