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Playsuits, sunshine & dog walks

Yeah the summertime is here the sunshine here in blighty is a fickle friend and is often absent so when it is here it is good to make the most of it. I was treated to some new clothes for my birthday and this was a lovely day to give it an outing. I love the vintage feel this outfit has. The only disadvantage to this outfit is it is very easily crushed as you can see my sleeve was very crumpled post cardigan. The outfit is lovely and my favourite colour so I will live the the crumples!

Oh did I mention that Archie has started to do the odd outfit post with me. He is sporting a blue collar and a silly but ever so lovely face. He has accessorised with a yellow bouncy ball.

Outfit Details;
playsuit – Next Clearance
shoes – Clarks (handed down)
scarf – charity shop
March 26, 2012