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Raising a hemline

This is the story of the first skirt I made and then how I decided to change it. All I did was raise the hemline to make it into a different skirt. It was originally a simple A line skirt which was nice, you can see below.  I liked this skirt for ages and I was very proud that I had made it but I was beginning to think it was frumpy so I decided to take the skirt in at the sides and up at the hem to create a shorter straighter shape. 
When making alterations make sure you do all of them in hand stitch first until everything is just right. If you are taking an item in like I was start at the point that is staying the same and try and create a smooth line in. This would be a great way to adapt a charity shop skirt that you like but don’t love or alter a vintage item. Here is the result of my skirt alterations. What do you think? Do you have anything in your wardrobe that needs a new lease of life?
It is nice that I had years of wear from it like that and will get years more now that it is shorter. One of the beauties of handmade is that you can make sure the garment is well made and is able to last for years.

Outfit Details
Top – The Gap
Boots – Vintage
Skirt – Handmade
Coat – Noa Noa
Necklace – Handmade
Socks – Falke
Take Care
Nicolette xo