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Renovating A House – Behind The Glamour

If you have been following my house renovation posts you will know that I have big plans for this beautiful house. So here is my behind the glamour post, the post that tells you that a big renovation project is not all colour samples, fabric swatches and pinterest boards – if only it was. This house has sanding & plastering to do. Windows to be replaced doors to be blocked off holes to be filled, but there is a before the before. This house was empty for over a year, dust and dirt could well have been holding the structure up. Here are a few behind the glamour shots.
Even after my mum and sister spending the day cleaning there was more to do, I am not sure the previous owner were overly house proud. Evidence of this was the cooker. You must remember the large range cooker from the kitchen before post. I cleaned actual chicken remains out of the oven space, and this place was empty for a year so the chicken was festering in the oven for at least 365 days. I felt like Barbara from The Good Life, the episode where she cleaned the range cooker. Unfortunately after all my scrubbing and cleaning it turned out only the hob works, three ovens and not a one is working!
With a small baby we tried to minimise the level of cleaning products sprayed around so we bought a great deal of pre-soaked wipes, below is the pile of wipes after wiping down the dining room. These are like images from How Clean Is Your House!
The week spent back in the house was super busy; emptying the second storage unit, decorating the master bedroom in time for the carpet to be laid, cleaning the whole house and we even managed to clear the garden, well we made some progress in the garden. If Sebastian was a little older he would have been able to make great forts with all the boxes. Below is a little insight into how the house looked when the storage units were emptied.
Not everything is away, but it now looks like this;
I will share with you the garden and a master bedroom update soon. It was such hard work and it all had to be co-ordinated with baby time. I could just imagine him playing in the garden and running around the house and I know it will all be worth it.
July 18, 2014


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