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Sashiko Stitch Hoop Art

After living out of boxes, in two countries, with belongings in garages, storage units and attics I have learned the importance of ‘the clear out’. That being said I am a not one to throw things out so I am now making a concerted effort to create projects with scraps, with all the things that are in the house. I am limiting ALL new purchases in the craft department until I have made my way through current stock piles. Notice how I used the word limit and not stop, I am not an idiot.
This is also the ideal time to make use of those projects that never were projects. The embroidery I used here started life as a sample. I am obsessed with all things Japanese and wanted to practice some sashiko stitches. As yet this practice did not turn into a larger project and I did not want to throw out my hard work, it would be such a waste. 

I always have a lot of embroidery hoops in the house so I decided to take 3 that best fitted the size of the sampler and cover them with fabric from my scrap pile and mod podge. Now they sit proudly on the wall of Sebastian’s playroom, more on that later.

Try and challenge yourself to create projects with the things you already have lying around.

December 10, 2014